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TenGuDaruma is a combination of the words "Tengu" (a monster in Japanese Myth) and "Daruma." The sculpture is named after the iconic Tengu mask and the body of Daruma, both characteristic elements of the designer, TenGuSan. Therefore, the sculpture is named TenGuDaruma - Tengu Daruma. The red spherical body of the figure resembles an egg, which brought to our minds the song "The Egg under the Red Flag" by Cui Jian, the godfather of Chinese rock. This song is Cui Jian's most radical and rebellious work, expressing his genuine inner emotions. It seemingly depicts the confusion, loss, and awakening of the people in the post-open era. The "78" on Tengu Daruma's forehead also corresponds to the historical context of that era. A calligrapher was then commissioned to write a portion of the song's lyrics in cursive script on the Daruma body, in tribute to Mr. Cui Jian. The base of Tengu Daruma features a metal coin with a unique number, signifying the uniqueness of each Tengu Daruma piece.

Product Specifications

  • Release time: 2022
  • Limit to: 100 Units
  • Material: Resin
  • Type: Injected Resin
  • Packaging Dimensions: 14.17×14.17×14.17 INCH / 36×36×36 CM
  • Product Dimensions: 10.24×9.84×9.06 INCH / 26×25×23 CM
  • Weight: 6.17 LB / 2.8 KG
  • Designer: ATAI / TenGuSan / Zhu Juncheng

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UnDeR20 Story

UnDeR20 was founded on January 23, 2021 by the artist, TenGuSan. Since its establishment, we have been dedicated to the design and release of original toys, which have been widely recognized across Asia, in particular, Japan and China. In 2023, we started our own clothing and accessories lines because we felt that we couldn't find clothes that truly excited us anymore. So we are going to create them ourselves.

From toys to streetwear, just like our name suggests, we have always been "under 20 years old." We uphold our slogan, "Wandering Soul, Untamed Heart." We gather artists from around the world and always stand with the "wildest" young people. A revolution without dancing is a revolution not worth having, right?


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