Lola In Multiverse-Marilyn Yayoi Ver. creation background

The second color of the SOFUBI toy Lola in multiverse is inspired by American rock star Marilyn Manson and famous Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. Marilyn Manson was the childhood rock music mentor of designer TenGuSan, while Yayoi Kusama is an artist with magical power.

These two seemingly unrelated individuals share certain similarities, such as their strong, distinctive characters seen both in themselves and their respective works of art, as well as obsession and madness. They both have dyed their hair red, one has worn leopard print, and the other is adept with polka dots. Therefore, this Lola is named Marilyn Yayoi.

We were surprised to discover that Marilyn Manson updated his Instagram on May 16, 2023, one year and two months since his last update.

Marilyn Manson has been embroiled in allegations of sexual abuse by several women, including actress Evan Rachel Wood, since 2021. She claimed, on her own social media, that she met Manson when she was 18 and that's when her nightmare began.

She was subject to mind manipulation by the so-called "master manipulator." They were even engaged in 2010. Following these revelations, Manson is pretty much "socially dead" in the US. Record labels and various commercial activities have ceased their connections with him.

He now updates his Instagram only once a year. However, as of now, there have been no further developments in this matter, and at least he has not faced legal consequences or been ordered to pay $5 million like Donald Trump.😂

There have been internet rumors claiming that Kusama Yayoi stayed in a psychiatric hospital for 48 years. It is unclear where these rumors originated from.

It seems that many people enjoy creating "legends" to glorify certain individuals or things, and then these stories spread through word of mouth.

Fools all believed in it. While Kusama Yayoi is indeed a legendary figure in art history, she is not the JOKER residing in Arkham Asylum,OK?😂😂😂




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