About Us

UnDeR20 was founded in Tokyo, Japan, on January 23, 2021, by photographer and artist TenGuSan. Since its inception, we have been dedicated to the design and manufacture of original art toys, which have been widely recognized in Asia, particularly in Japan and China.

We insist on making original designs, instead of making products for famous IPs. Perhaps the most unimaginative people in the world would do that. Every design of our toys has its unique concept and artistic quality, and we are confident that they are more fun than any other toys out there.

Below is directly from the founder & creative director, TenGuSan 👺.

In 2023, despite the fact that I am in Tokyo, the fashion capital, I no longer have the desire to buy clothes from existing brands. Harajuku, Shibuya, and Koenji in Tokyo can no longer satisfy me. I increasingly feel that clothes are expressing something for us, but many brands do not express anything, or they express something just for the sake of sales. I could no longer find clothes that truly excite me, so I will do it myself.

Yes, so far, all the clothes you see have been personally designed by me, and the look book was also shot by me. Although I am not from a fashion design background, I still have the passion and confidence to do well in fashion clothing. After all, we're not aiming for fashion shows.

Some may say our clothes look a bit "naive." So what? Because our genes are deeply rooted in toys, Japanese comics, and subcultures, and toys are the most representative products of everyone's childhood. From the clothes themselves to the packaging, this is a gift from a "bad kid" to other "bad kids".

Btw, whether it's toys or clothing, we always go to the factory to monitor and help develop the production process. Because we care about our products, our expression, and we care about YOU, who like our products. I still have vivid memories of the year I lived in the factory, believe me, unless you're a masochist, you definitely don't want to do manufacturing, go do AI. 😂

UnDeR20, an original toy brand built by a photographer and artist, has finally begun to dip our foot in the muddy waters of clothing. From toys to streetwear, as our name implies, we have always been "under 20". We uphold the slogan "Wandering Soul, Untamed Heart". We gather artists from around the world and always stand with the wildest young people.

A revolution without dancing is a revolution not worth having, right?


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