Sales champion of the Innersect fashion expo.

From September 29 to October 1, 2023, China's largest and most historic fashion expo, INNERSECT, was held in Changzhou, Jiangsu. Nearly all members of UnDeR20, like scattered Dragon Balls, flew in from all over the world to partake in this grand event in "Dragon City".

The brand's creative director, TenGuSan, united in spirit with everyone. Having not returned to China for 2 years, he values every opportunity to return, as these are rare chances to meet his audience, and that each meeting is precious as they become fewer.

Around August, we actively communicated with the INNERSECT organizers regarding venue rental and setup. It was later heard that our booth's rendering images had been shared with many brands as a reference case (the image above shows the rendering).

The booth's design concept was inspired by Japanese Izakayas, especially since half of our partners are based in Tokyo. This is a "small yet impactful" design concept. Our bare booth space was only 18 square meters, making it one of the smallest booth spaces in this expo. Hence, it was crucial to create the most impressive design within the limited space and budget.

So our booth was established. It was bright and attractive, aligning well with our brand's tone and style. We are not a luxury or large brand, nor a booth in an outlet mall; we are UnDeR20. Whenever we appear, you must remember us!

During this Innersect, we launched all of our FW2023 apparel products and toys. Every design was bought by someone during the expo, and some items helped us achieve the "Bestseller of the Day" title on the first day, like our Michael Jackson baseball jacket.

In reality, many brands that frequently attend expos know that expos are not about making profits. The aim is never sales, but more about exposure, endorsements, and socializing. Meeting old friends, making new ones, and expanding one's network and resources may be more valuable than sales during such events.

To sum up our experience at INNERSECT, as a new designer brand, we've done our best in terms of display, sales, and publicity. I believe the organizers, media, and peers will definitely remember this "Izakaya" top-selling brand.

The footfall at the exhibition was not very high, giving me the opportunity and time to ask every friend who visited our booth: "Where are you from?"

Xi'an, Chengdu, Guangdong, Wuhan, Beijing, Shanghai, local Zhejiang. Often they would add: "TenGuSan, I've been watching your shows for years. I came specifically for you, I'm not interested in anything else. I won't be browsing further; I'm catching a high-speed train or a flight soon."

Then, after a wave of heavy spending, they would pull out a pile of items for me to sign—all products that I've released in the past—or give me gifts they've made themselves.

Finally, we'd take a group photo, and they'd leave reluctantly, saying: "TenGuSan, I'm leaving now. I wish you prosperous business."

This is the basic process at our booth. Having so many audiences who travel long distances and vote with their money is the greatest happiness an artist and content creator, like me, could have.

I will continue to create good content for you and share everything I can. Thank you all! See you next year!


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