TenGuSan Coverall Art Toy


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TenGuSan has been active on the internet and in the art world as a photographer for many years, and over time he has been labeled countless times. He always presents himself mysteriously wearing a Tengu mask, which gives his followers an almost totemic perception of his distinct personal image. This is also one of the reasons why numerous "fans" voluntarily take him as an artistic image for their own creations.

The original designer of this TenGuSan trendy figure is Mr. Zhao Gongwei, who is a "fan" of TenGuSan. He artistically processed the real image of TenGuSan himself. After several revisions by the TenGuSan team, the final product was brought out, and our toy brand UNDER20 was born accordingly.

At least for now, we won't buy familiar copyright to design, nor will we take those materials to play close to the line to make our own products. We also don't see how cute trendy toys with big eyes have anything to do with us, so we only make what we think is right. The point of art toys is being trendy, and behind trendiness is attitude. Just like the phrase on the back of this trendy figure: If You Don't like Me and Still Watch Everything I Do, Bitch You Are a Fan.

This is just the beginning, and we don't seem like we're here for a one-time thing, so naturally, to be continued is the appropriate phrase to say.

Product Specifications

  • Release time: 2020
  • Limit to: 1000 Units
  • Material: Plastic
  • Type: Injected PVC
  • Packaging Dimensions: 7×5.7×12.6 INCH / 18×14.5×32 CM
  • Height: 9.9 INCH / 25 CM
  • Toy Designer: Zhao Gongwei / TenGuSan
  • Packaging Designers: TenGuSan / He Yizhou
  • Safety Age: 14+

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TenGuSan Coverall Art Toy


UnDeR20 Story

UnDeR20 was founded on January 23, 2021 by the artist, TenGuSan. Since its establishment, we have been dedicated to the design and release of original toys, which have been widely recognized across Asia, in particular, Japan and China. In 2023, we started our own clothing and accessories lines because we felt that we couldn't find clothes that truly excited us anymore. So we are going to create them ourselves.

From toys to streetwear, just like our name suggests, we have always been "under 20 years old." We uphold our slogan, "Wandering Soul, Untamed Heart." We gather artists from around the world and always stand with the "wildest" young people. A revolution without dancing is a revolution not worth having, right?


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