TenGuSan St. Sebastian Art toy


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UnDeR20's second 9.5 INCH (24CM) PVC figure continues the body proportion and silhouette of the first TenGuSan jumpsuit edition. The style of the outfit is a summer version, and the arm tattoos are almost 100% a reproduction of TenGuSan's own tattoos, with very appropriate compromises and simplifications made. The reason this toy is called the "St. Sebastian Edition" has to do with the five arrows shot into the body of the toy. The original idea came from a cover portrait taken for GQ magazine in 1968 featuring boxing champion Muhammad Ali, who was shot with arrows all over his body. Coincidentally, Yukio Mishima, a famous Japanese author, also once had a photo taken of him covered in arrows. Both photos originally depict St. Sebastian, a Christian martyr who was shot with a barrage of arrows by the Roman emperor during the persecution of Christians in the third century.

The main body of the toy uses a red and black color palette, representing TenGuSan's supports(red) and haters(black). The red-black edge is treated with natural gradient processing, representing that there is not such a clear boundary between the supports and the hater, and they can transform into each other at any time. The red heart has different levels, symbolizing that people who like TenGuSan have varying degrees of affection. The red area is filled with compliments about TenGuSan, written in 8Bit cute font design, symbolizing that these contents are products of the information age. The black part uses sharp, biting fine text design, all of which are negative comments about TenGuSan. Whether it's red or black, praise or criticism, these mixed together make up the complete TenGuSan. However, all these messages are like sharp arrows shooting at TenGuSan's chest, leaving him nowhere to hide.

I'm real, cool, individualistic, unique, aesthetically pleasing, skilled at photography. I might love hype, marketing, be arrogant, harsh, and my photography might not be up to par. Everyone has too many labels; some are self-applied, some are reluctantly given by others, true or false. Isn't everyone influenced by these labels? Even if they weren't that kind of person originally, they might end up living according to the labels. Over time, the labels only increase, and the handwriting becomes clearer. Some can never be torn off, and the tearing never ends. For me, both positive and negative labels are a part of me. They make me more complete, more full, and more interesting. To think that such a pure baby at birth will be covered in labels and laid into a grave decades later, it should be even cooler: "Could you please cover my coffin with labels too?"

Product Specifications

  • Limit to: 2000 Units
  • Material: Plastic
  • Type: Injected PVC
  • Packaging Dimensions: 7×5.7×12.6 INCH / 18×14.5×32 CM
  • Height: 9.9 INCH / 25 CM
  • Toy Designer: TenGuSan
  • Packaging Designers: TenGuSan / He Yizhou
  • Safety Age: 14+

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TenGuSan St. Sebastian Art toy


UnDeR20 Story

UnDeR20 was founded on January 23, 2021 by the artist, TenGuSan. Since its establishment, we have been dedicated to the design and release of original toys, which have been widely recognized across Asia, in particular, Japan and China. In 2023, we started our own clothing and accessories lines because we felt that we couldn't find clothes that truly excited us anymore. So we are going to create them ourselves.

From toys to streetwear, just like our name suggests, we have always been "under 20 years old." We uphold our slogan, "Wandering Soul, Untamed Heart." We gather artists from around the world and always stand with the "wildest" young people. A revolution without dancing is a revolution not worth having, right?


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